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Enjoy a SURF -N- TURF; Chesapeake Bay style!


A. Get your group established. 

Find out who wants to go. Get at least half the money up front (better yet: ALL).  All trips are non-refundable. Don't get caught holding the bag if someone changes their mind at the last minute.

B. Pick a captain and boat.

Usually word of mouth is a good source of information. (If you are reading this, you are in touch with one of the best!) Ask questions!  Let the captain know what you are looking for. Make sure there is agreement about bad weather, re-scheduling, and the refund policy.  Be careful when price shopping (the cheapest boat is probably that way for a reason ! )

C. Coordinate the date of the trip.

This can be based on convenience, or when your vacation happens, or can be based on when is the best time to catch a trophy Striper on a fly rod. The earlier you make reservations, the more likely you are to get your first choice.

D. Send in your deposit

and get a confirmation to seal the deal and make sure the day matches.

E. Arrive at the dock on time and ready to go.

Bring enough food and drink for a day, not a week. Motion sickness medications work best if taken several hours before the trip.  Some folks take a dose the night before the trip.

F. Have a great time!



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(Yes, we can listen to NASCAR races and REDSKINS games while we are fishing!)

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