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Fishing report...Fishing report...Fishing report


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Several attempts have been made to try for TauTog. The weather is just not cooperating, except the water temp is up where it needs to be...First calm, warm day and we will be Togging!


The spring run of Striped Bass to the spawning grounds was reported to be excellent. First charter for Trophy Stripers is opening day, Appril 16...



SPRING Trolling!!!


Fishy Friday and Saturday Smackdown!
Last Friday, we motored up into Maryland waters in search of huge Trophy Rockfish. Didnt see anything around Buoy 65 which is one of my favorite spots in the spring. But there was a concentration of boats showing on the radar up around Buoys 68 and 70, so we took off. Those boats were there for a reason. Once on location we found some signs of bait fish and a few big fish marks, so the planer boards and over a dozen lures went on the water: SPLASH. In a matter of minutes the first monster went in the cooler. It did not take very long to get our limit. A pretty day and hungry fish on Fishy Friday.






Saturday Smackdown
We got an earlier start on Saturday and I knew where to go! WRONG! Different day, different deal. First of all, being Saturday there were ten times as many boats out. And that is not good especially when using planer boards! But worse, the fish just were not biting. It took an hour for the first fish to bite, but it was a double: two fish on the same line. A good start! But the bite remained slow. We finally got our limit around 2 PM. And then the smackdown. While getting the lines pulled in four fish hooked up, one of which was 44+ inches long.
















NOV 20

We are now primarily trolling for Striped Bass. There are fish in the 18 -28 inch class aas well as a few "overs" (over 34"). Fishing for the bigger fish will improve over the next couple of weeks.





FINALLY, the CAT is back running and we are FISHING again.  Have been out on a couple of charters for Croaker and done OK. But the latest hot scoop in the the SPANISH MACKEREL have shown up! Looking to do some trolling soon








Jan 19- Fishy Friday

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Had a crew of Northern neck anglers out for a day of catching BIG BASS


Jim Reed and his buddies whacked the Stripers on Jan 12



Miss Catherine Robinson and her dad show off her citation Striper


All in a December Day's work.


Bill Flavin and Crew and their impressive catch.



Jerry Smith and a hell-of-a-catch of Stripers and Blues. Whacked 'em and stacked 'em!!!



Miss Kelley (aka "KENTUCKY") proudly shows off her 36 POUND monster Striper. First Fish of the day, BIGGEST Fish of the day.




Short Sleeves and BIG BASS in late December! Unbelievable!!!

This is some AWESOME fishing!!!

If you would like to get into this fantastic fishing, give us a call. It's only going to get better as the water cools.

BAYFISH runs ONLY full day trips. If it takes til dark to get your fish, we fish til dark!

Check out the web site at

for the latest fishing report and available dates.

We have arranged discount rates with several motels in Va Beach (like $30/nite /room)











David Farmer and friends from Bowling Green spent a fantastic December day on  the 13th hauling in huge Striped Bass.







Brooke Taylor had the FIRST FISH and BIGGEST FISH OF THE DAY on Dec 3rd with this 38 inch monster Striped Bass!



On Dec 3 Rich Lister and crew fished  aboard the J-MAR . It was a beautiful winter day and they whacked the Stripers.






Team LENNY Bags Big Bass November 30




Beautiful windless 60-pluss degree last day of November. These avid anglers boated these 37 to 42-inchers plus numerous smaller fish in the release slot.









The Striped Bass/ Rockfish showed up at the Northern Neck Reef within a few days of the opening of the Virginia season. We have been catching plenty of Stripers from 18" to 24" and only a few undersized fish. There are also hoards of small to medium sized Bluefish (AKA "Hook-eaters) showing up in the chum slicks.
The water temperature dropped onto the upper 60s this week and the cool nights and frosty mornings will drive the water temperature down. This should cause the Rockfish bite to get better and better.




First Day Of Fall Striped Bass Season!


We went "scouting" with metal jigs. It was a beautiful fall day and the fish were hungry. We caught a mixed bag of Sea Trout, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Croaker, Oyster Toads :-(  and sharks !


Suzy Amburn shows off her Sea Trout which weighed in at 3.5 pounds. Biggest Trout of the day!


Anne Branch with the biggest Rockfish.







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(Yes, we can listen to NASCAR races and REDSKINS games while we are fishing!)

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